Thursday, June 10, 2010

iPhone 4

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*because i know nth about Apple products =)

Facts to note:
1. You can download the OS 4 for your 3g or 3gs iphone, but dont expect too much anymore regarding compatibility and stuff once the 4g coming or something else big coming..

2. iPhone 4 is not an iPhone 4g - have to put a note on that really.. iPhone 4 is an iphone with a new OS (which is OS version 4) that has got new features and capabilities such as Video Calls, Higher Retina Resolution, Foldering, Multitasking, and HD Video Recording

3. When there is a 4g, it means even faster faster faster speed from the telecommunication network and infrastructure (so far Japan has been a pioneer at most time regarding telecommunication technology, and as far as I know, they have only been up to 3.5g)

4. Video Calls has been here for quite some time, then why Apple saying it as something totally new? Before, video calls is not so popular since the technology is not reliable to send such a high quality of pictures and movements, plus not many phones got a dual camera.. when you want to make a video call, you might have to put ur phone away to show ur pics from the back camera or so.. Now, iPhone 4 got a double sided camera that can automatically flip between front and back, quite impressive~

5. Disadvantages? Weird design, a bit shocking but after looking at many different pictures.. it is not actually by any chance is big.. it is actually looking really thin! and with the same weight to iphone 3gs, but smaller packaging..?

6. Best part: Improved Battery Life! Now it is almost twice longer the 3gs battery.. lets see!


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